Rules of House Design Ideas Exterior You Should Know

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Everybody wants a spectacular and beautiful home that is more attractive among the other houses. We also want a home that can mix with its neighborhood and surrounding well. House design ideas exterior have several rules that you need to pay attention to. The reason is because the process can be quiet complicated including choosing the materials, colors and balancing the lines and shapes.

The reason to follow these rules

By following these rules which are the key of design principles, you can have a jaw-dropping home more than you can imagine. The rules help you to make design ideas exterior more visually appealing. These rules will help you not only to have a beautiful home but also a more functional home that is suitable with the surrounding perfectly.

4 Rules you should learn about exterior design

1.             Purpose of the building

The first rule of exterior design is that the purpose of the building should be your first priority of the design. Ask yourself these following questions:

·                     What is the purpose of my home?

·                     What is the function of my home?

After you find out the answers, you should consider what your family needs in order to decide what things are required for your home and fulfill your family needs. Then, the exterior design should mimic the form of your interior design. For example, if you adore large windows because you need more natural lights come through your house, so the exterior design of your home has a room on the upper floor with a large window as well to make it balance.

2.             Balance the shapes with symmetry

Symmetry and balance play a major role in order to achieve a successful design space. Every home needs symmetry and balance so their homes are such a pleasure to look at and have proper designs. Generally, door is placed in the center where the windows placed either side equally.

3.             Color combinations for exterior color

Color choice is very vital to have beautiful house design ideas exterior. By having color combinations that perfectly match, you can hide flaws including paint that done poorly. The right color combination is not only making your home prettier but also will make the flaws on your wall less attention.

4.             Textures and house materials

It is quiet hard to choose the right materials for your home since there are many materials you can choose from. They are including aluminum, vinyl siding, cedar shingles, brick, stucco, steel and many others. The best advice is to balance the aesthetics with the durability. You can show your personal style as well into your exterior design. You can choose cedar shingles and tumbled stone if you are a country girl or guy. You can choose simple wood panels or sleek steel to show your preference in a modern minimalist design.

By understanding the key principal of designs, it will be easier to create amazing house design ideas exterior. Good luck!

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