Bathroom Tips for Home Design Ideas for Small Homes

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Home ideas for small homes have been a very popular keyword in search engines among many people. Many homeowners want to be inspired how to turn out their tiny rooms in their small homes. Bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that can be designed in a minimalist way especially if you have a small home. This article will enlighten you to make your super small bathroom looks more spacious and more comfortable.

The challenges to make small bathroom looks more spacious

There are many challenges that people face in order to turn their tiny bathrooms look more comfortable and larger. Among the challenges, there are several of them that will be discussed in the following tips below. The challenges are including configuring sink and toilet, making sure the clearance is enough for shower and even the decoration like where you should put your toothbrush and towel.

4 tips to design a picture-perfect tiny bathroom as home ideas for small homes

1.             A shower curtain

Many people will neglect how important the usage of shower curtain. It can move back and forth so it will save more spaces instead of a glass door. The reason is because a glass door moves in and out. You can also install shower-tub combos that can perfectly fit into your tiny bathrooms.

2.             A corner sink

If you have a pedestal sink, it can disturb the only space in your bathroom. To manage this problem, you can install a corner sink across from your toilet that will work better. Installing it across from your shower can make your bathroom looks awkward. The opening and closing of your shower will make your walk-around condition inelegant.

3.             A counter over the toilet

You should extend your counter over the toilet. It will make your bathroom has enough space for several items you need. If you choose banjo-style arrangement, you can choose a wood slab or elegant stones to make the job done. You don’t need to worry about the placement of the toilet; it will still make your bathroom clean and minimalist.

4.             A mirror

Besides a counter, you can expand your mirror in your bathroom. Having a mirror which is stretch across your bathroom wall can be used by two people at once. This kind of mirror is very suitable for tiny bathroom.

There are many ways to make your bathroom looks more spacious and more elegant as home ideas for small homes. You can read more references through internet or magazine to turn your tiny bathroom into an ideal bathroom you’ve ever dreamed of.

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