Tips to Make the Most of Your Small Spaces in Your Design

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Small spaces can be the obstacle for you to create a perfect home design. However, if you change your point of view, for example, creating home design ideas for small spaces, which means you design a house based on the spaces you have, you can finally get your dream house. Here are several tips that can help you to create home design which make the most of your small spaces.

Create a nook

Since a space is very valuable in small rooms, use any extra spaces you have in the room. A nook is the best way to use the extra spaces. A nook in bedroom can be a place for reading a book or as a working space. A nook in kitchen can be a place for having breakfast.

Create multipurpose spaces

If the small spaces you have don’t allow you to have more rooms, then all you can do is to change the available room into a multipurpose space. For example, you divide a bedroom into two sections, one section for bedding and another section for working space. Two-sides-bookshelves or a curtain can be a good choice to divide the room.

Use light colors

Light hues in home design ideas for small spaces are a good choice because light hues can make an illusion of bigger room, just like dark hues can make the room look smaller.

Don’t forget the space below the stairs

You might have no idea how to use the space below the stairs because of its strange shape, but this space is a great idea to be a storage space. You can design drawers beneath the stair or a mini bar. The space below the stairs is also a nice place to display whatever your collections.

Make extra-high ceiling

Extra-high ceiling will give an illusion of larger space. Adding tall windows from floor to ceiling in the room will emphasize the illusion.

Put a mirror in the room

The cheapest and the easiest way to create a visual impact of larger room is adding a full-body mirror. Put the mirror at the opposite of the windows. The mirror will reflect the lights which coming into the room and brighten the room with natural lights. The bright room makes the room look larger than the reality.

Those are just several tips and there are still more ways to make the most of your small spaces. Explore your creativity for creating unique home design ideas for small spaces.

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